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It was this time last year I made the conscious decision to get some support through my fertily journey. My husband and I had be trying for a year. One thing I found hard was that I felt so alone. Even though, my husband and I had great support from friends. I just couldnt shake this loneiness, worry ànd stress of why we weren't getting pregnant. I saw Claire reflexology barn advert and looked in to the benefits of how reflexology could help support your fertility. I started my journey in January and what a blessing. Claire has amazing empathy. She take the time to understand your journey and listen to whatever is happening at that time. I felt like it was my safe place to recharge, connect and control all my anxiety and stresses. After 3 months we fell pregnant. I continued my reflexology session thought out my pregnance, so that I can focus on my baby and the birth. I'm now 38 weeks and ready to pop. I can't thank claire enough for all she has done. Im sure I will return for more session in helping me in my new journey of being a first time mum.

” Fabulous as always !. It's more than reflexology..... it's therapy, life advice and giggles.
Keep the amazing work up Claire ! "

” I would highly recommend Claire at the Reflexology Barn. I've been going since she first started up and always float out of my treatments- footer facial reflexology or aromatherapy massage. Definitely a de-stresser and a balancer for that moment of me time "

Just wanted say I came away so much more relaxed and with a clearer mind yesterday. Thank you, as always, for such a brilliant treatment.

" I can't recommend Claire highly enough. My feet need a weekly fixed it does me the world of good. If you've never tried it give it a go- you won't be disappointed. Thanks for looking after me Claire. "

" Wow, incredible ! Absolute Bliss ! Flow and pressure excellent throughout. Leaving feeling calm and balanced. Really enjoyed it "

"Claire is a gifted reflexologist, who strongly believes in the benefits of her work and cares very much about her clients listening and targets any problem areas where necessary.the treatments are deeply relaxing and after each treatment I am left feeling balanced and de-stressed . I look forward to my regular treatments with Claire helping me in what’s been a challenging year thank you ".

" I chose Claire at the Reflexology Barn for both her track record as a reflexologist and as someone I knew I'd feel comfortable sharing my health issues with.In additional to the treatment qualities themselves, Claire's practicals X personal approach speaks volumes and I have no hesitation in fully recommending her services. " December 2018

I’m so glad I found this perfect retreat for some me time, I’ve been having reflexology for a while now at the barn and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is. Clare is also such a good listener and advisor, I really do appreciate how much care, time and advice she gives me ❤️ she really makes you feel special and is so welcoming and so easy to chat to, about anything and everything, THANK YOU - I always look forward to my appointment x x”- October 2018

"Thank you for yesterdays's appointment. I had the best quality sleep since my Mum was taken into hospital (in truth probably a lot longer)"-September 2018

"I've been seeing Claire for Pregnancy Reflexology and it's been excellent. The treatment itself is lovely and relaxing and really calming, and Claire is very friendly and professional "-September 2018

"I have been visiting Claire for a few weeks now and look forward to my "weekly fix". She is a great listener and has a professional, friendly and knowledgeable approach plus her treatments are a reasonable price, with a discount on your 6th visit. I find an hour of me time a real treat and I always leave feeling so much better. Thank you Claire"-June 2018

"I had my first reflexology session today after not even knowing what it was. Wow !!!. It was so relaxing and I felt so comfortable the whole time. Claire is so knowledgeable and talked me through the whole process of how it works. I am definitely going to be back and to try other treatments. Thank you xxx. "- March 2018

"Amazing service, so relaxing and Claire is lovely !!. I'd recommend to anyone." - March 2018

"Lovely treatment!. Claire is very calm, friendly and welcoming.-March 2018

"Thank you so much Claire as I had an amazing facial and foot reflexology treatment. It was so relaxing and I felt so good afterwards. Claire is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I'm definitely building this into my own self care routine. Highly recommend."- March2018

"I had my first reflexology massage last night and I can't remember the last time I was so relaxed. Claire takes time to talk to you beforehand to explain the process and discuss any issues you may have which put me at ease. looking forward to my next one and would thoroughly recommend her services."- February 2018

"I have visited Claire for Maternity Reflexology. Claire takes time to understand your pregnancy journey so far, any concerns or stresses and what you are hoping to get out of the sessions-as well as having magic hands as far as I am concerned !!. I found the sessions to be amazingly relaxing and as I am now "overdue" also hoping that my body is now ready for labouring that reflexology has just given me the chance to focus on the bay and birth.
I will be looking again for future sessions and pleased that Claire also allows you to bring thereby along too !. Modern life is so stressful and taking some time to yourself as a busy, working, pregnant Mum to a toddler is a must !. Thank you Claire "- February 2018

I truly can’t recommend Claire enough. I started with her while she was training, but she’s so skilled I stayed as a paying client. To begin with, I considered it an occasional treat when I felt I could justify it, but it’s so therapeutic (mentally and physically) that I’ve prioritised it as a regular appointment I don’t want to miss! I love that the treatment can be tailored to a combination too. My favourite is facial combined with foot! Thank you Claire, for helping me re-balance and for not only the utterly blissful treatment but the thoughtful, personalised advice. x- February 2018

I decided to try fertility reflexology as we have been trying for a second child and secondly because life had got a little too hectic and lots of elements felt a little out of place. Reflexology has helped me think about and deal with lots of things differently but ultimately has helped me rebalance both body and more importantly mind and I feel that life is a little more back on track. And for that, I am thankful to both reflexology and Claire. - December 2017

I I truly can’t recommend Claire enough. I have been having reflexology for fertility and cannot recommend this enough! It is amazing. I feel relaxed and rebalanced. Claire has also offered me great advice with sleep which has helped. I can't wait for my next session. I highly recommend a visit! "-December 2017

What an amazing treatment I had with Claire this week...I have had many reflexology treatments in the past and I can say she was extremely professional, welcoming and the whole treatment was very relaxing and has to be one of the best I have had over the years...if Claire will have me I would love to be a regular client X. - November 2017

I had my first reflexology appointment with Claire last evening. It was absolutely fantastic!. I felt so comfortable in a safe enviroment. I will definitely be booking in again soon !!. November 2017

"I have been going to Claire for a few months now for foot reflexology and found it so relaxing. I went to Claire last night to try her Facial and Foot reflexology combination and it was absolutley amazing! I feel so relaxed and revitalised. I ahve had some very stressful times in my life this year and Claires reflexology sessions have helped me so much. I can definately recommend Claires reflexology to anyone who has not tried it." - October 2017

"Claire is wonderfull, She is friendly, open, approachable and very knowledgable. I felt at ease as soon as I arrived at my first treatment; from then I ahve been completely hooked, I feel like I am walking on air afterwards and can face whatever is thown at me - I also have the best night sleep afterwards! I have just completed my 6 weeks course and feel that it has been so worthwhile, my stress levels ahve definately reduced and my hormones are rebalancing, only time will tell if it helps on our journey to conceive. I look forward to my top up treaments as and when I feel that I am losing control again. I can not recommend Claire enough as she is a star."- October 2017

"Just had my first treatment and felt totally at ease from the moment I arrived. Perfect as I'm someone suffering from mild anxieties. Can't wait to continue this journey & already feel a lot less stressed! - September 2017

"I went to Claire for reflexology after suffering a miscarriage hoping it might help me to relax. I was feeling quite sceptical about it but I thought I'd give it a try. I can honestly say Claire is amazing, she has helped me come from a very low place in my life to feeling positive again. The reflexology sessions have been so relaxing and Claire's additional advice was just what I needed to help me through a very difficult time. Claire's reflexology has also given me the best quality sleep I've had for a long while, I can't wait to start my next sessions!" - August 2017

"I was a little sceptical about reflexology at first, but my 6 sessions with Claire made me realise what an excellent alternative therapy reflexology is. Claire is at pains to ensure you are relaxed during your treatment and I am finding not only do I go home deeply relaxed, I am sleeping better and my ongoing tendon issues are less painful too ... I highly recommend Claire's treatments." - July 2017

"I've been having reflexology with Claire now for 4 months which has restored my emotional balance after a trying time in my life...my top ups after the initial 6 session course help keep everything in check! I have also just had my first Indian Head Massage treatment and feel so relaxed I could sleep right now! I can thoroughly recommend Claire!" - July 2017

"Claire is professional but very friendly and welcoming. My treatment of foot reflexology to help distress and relax was simply wonderful! I would definitely recommend and can't wait for my next treatment!" - July 2017

"Cannot recommend Claire enough! Since my first treatment i can honestly say I have gone from being stressed and anxious all the time to deeply relaxed and so much less stressed. Claire is incredibly knowledgable about reflexology and has been amazing focusing my treatment around fertility. Can't wait for my next appointment!" - May 2017

"Have been having reflexology with Claire for over a month now. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in December last year, and after doing my own research I found a lot of positive feedback about reflexology to help with symptoms. I suffer really badly with my period pains, but am slowly finding that the reflexology is making a difference. Claire is very good at what she does and the whole treatment and service is brilliant. I always leave so relaxed. I would highly recommend!" - May 2017

"Had my first treatment today, foot reflexology, and it was as good as I'd hoped it would be! Already looking forward to my next one, thank you Claire" - April 2017

"Oh wow, words can not describe my face and feet reflexology experience I had tonight! I look forward to my monthly reflexology session but tonight has taken it to another level - THANK YOU Claire Barns 👣❤️" - April 2017

"I see Claire at the Reflexology Barn regularly and thoroughly enjoy the "Me time" to rebalance and relax. I suffer from hypothyroidism and have had my medication significantly reduced for the first time in 15 years as a result of my regular sessions. I took full advantage of the Face & Feet session recently and it was utterly amazing. I felt utterly at peace and could have stayed for hours! That feeling stayed with me for days after and I am already looking forward to my next session. Thank you Claire" - February 2017

"I cannot speak highly enough of Claire and reflexology! I took my 9 year old daughter to Claire after a year or so of GP and hospital appointments to help with a digestive problem. After one treatment my daughters symptoms were relieved considerably and for the first time in a year she was no longer in discomfort. Claire was just amazing with her, taking time to explain what she was doing and even drew a picture of her feet with the pressure points, to take home. Claire showed me how I could help my daughter at home, demonstrating a technique to keep on top of things. I have booked my daughter in since for further treatment, although not as regularly as I thought I would need to, as the treatment was so effective! I am looking forward to booking in myself for a reflexology facial in the very near future. I highly recommend Claire and the Reflexology Barn" - January 2017

"Thank you for the opportunity to truly relax (not just collapse with exhaustion) during the Facial Reflexology treatment. To enable me to lay still and not move a muscle for 45mins, with all my nervous energy, is quite an achievement." - December 2016

"Thank you for yet another fabulous reflexology session and I love the new heated bed! Thank you Claire Barns" - December 2016

"I've never had reflexology before, Claire was so professional and highly skilled, I felt completely relaxed after my treatment and had the best night's sleep in a long time. Thank you.. am looking forward to my next treatment! Highly recommended."

"Fabulous treatment with Claire at Reflexology Barn. Highly recommend a visit and will definitely be returning for more treatments."

"Amazing treatment again. Claire made me feel welcome and gave me an hour of relaxation. Feel refreshed and looking forward to my next session"

"An amazing experience as always. Thank you Claire for all your advice as well as your amazing reflexology"

"Lovely calm and relaxing treatment every time ❤️ "

"I woke this morning feeling refreshed and pain free from my back and shoulders. I can't wait for my next appointment. Thank you. Highly recommend"

"Lovely opportunity to chill and relax. Treatment was thorough & 1st class and I left the session feeling refreshed & invigorated."

"Thank you for such a relaxing treatment, it was just what I needed x "

"Claire always gives fabulous treatments as well as taking the time to explain and educate. Thoroughly recommended. ❤️"

"Fantastic!!! Always feel so calm and relaxed after a treatment. Highly recommend!!!!"

"Thank you again Claire Barns for another fantastic reflexology session!!! So relaxing!!😀😀👣👣👣👣"

"Thank u for such a lovely treatment tonight and for being an ear to bend. 💕💕💕💕💕"

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