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Advanced Facial Reflexology (Bergman Zone Method)- For those with ticklish feet

Facial reflexology is a fantastic treatment that brings to you all the benefits that you may experience from having foot reflexology. But for all of those of you who don't like having your feet touched this is the perfect solution. There are some unique benefits from having facial reflexology, these may include:

  • It can have a direct rejuvenating effect on your skin, hopefully leaving you with a radiant glow
  • Aims to help improve circulation to the face and head area
  • May help to relieve sinusitis and congestion
  • May help to relieve mental strain
  • May help to improve concentration
  • May help to relieve tension in the facial muscles

For advanced facial reflexology I trained with Ziggie Bergman at the London School of Reflexology.

)Reflexology Treatments ...)Facial Reflexology ( Bergman Zone Method). Bergman

)Reflexology Treatments ...)Facial Reflexology ( Bergman Zone Method). Face

What happens during a treatment

When you arrive for your first facial reflexology treatment it is really important for me to be able to understand why you have come along for your treatment. Our emotional and physical well being are equally important, so we will do a medical and lifestyle consultation together. This will enable me to ensure that your treatment is unique to your individual needs.

You will then get to lie down and relax on a warm comfy couch. We will use blankets and cushions to get you as comfortable as you can be. The treatment time is yours to do what you want with, some clients choose to chat, whilst others like to drift off to sleep or simply take some time out. The treatment will begin with a gentle cleanse of the face and some massage. The organic oil will then be applied to your face and all the reflexes will be gently worked.

At the end of your treatment you will be given some time to allow yourself to come round, and have a drink if you would like one. We can then also if you wish talk about some ideas that can help support you once you have left the treatment room.

Aftercare Advice

General Aftercare Advice:

Drink plenty of water for the next 24 hours.
Try to rest for at least an hour after your treatment.
Try to avoid stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco and caffeine for the rest of the day.

Organic balms and Aromatherapy Blends

For your facial reflexology treatments I try to only use organic oils where ever possible. I prefer not to use pre-blended products for my aromatherapy treatments and I love to blend for your individual needs on the day depending on what you feel you need. Aromatherapy is about so much more than the smell !

I do also have an online NYR organic shop. You can visit my webpage here to be able to view the full range of products, special offers or to be able to place an online order.

Male clients are only seen for reflexology when they are referred to me by an existing client, thank you for your understanding.

Contact Me

If you would like to book an appointment or contact me then please click here However if you wish to speak to me in person then please ensure you include your contact number.
I aim to get back to all in enquiries with in 24hrs. If you have not heard from me in 24hrs then please check your junk folder as sometimes my replies do end up there.

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