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Uniquely Blended Aromatherapy

" I order my aromatherapy facial cream from Claire. It has properties in it that help ( and successfully reduce the redness on my skin). I tried a sample and have ordered it ever since. I am now on my second jar. I highly recommended Claire for both reflexology and aromatherapy"

As a professional aromatherapist, I am able to create Uniquely Blended wellbeing and skin care aromatherapy products. Wellbeing products can help support you through times of stress and anxiety, or you may wish to try using them to support you through times when you are experiencing physical pain such as back ache or period pains, or you may want to use them to help when you are feeling out of kilter. The skincare products are there for those who are looking for a more natural approach to skin care and less can certainly become more when we choose to use the right products to support the wellbeing of our skin. These are just a few examples of how aromatherapy can help to support you, your wellbeing and your skin, if you would like any advice on how aromatherapy can support you with any different concerns then please do get in touch.

I am really pleased to have designed a range of Signature Blends for the Reflexology Barn, these have been created to support your wellbeing. They are:

Rest This blend has been created to support those who experience restless nights, the oils used are incredibly relaxing, soothing and calming supporting you to be able to rest both mentally and physically.

Happy This blend has been created to support your mood when it needs a little lift, the oils used encourage feelings of joyfulness, uplifting and revitalising.

Peace This blend has been created to support on those days where life goes a little crazy and you need to find those moments of peace before you carry on.

Strength This blend has been created to support you for times when you start to feel sluggish and you need to fight off the mental fatigue, feel focused, and have your concentration levels boosted.

Wellbeing This blend has been created to help support you during those times when your hormones go all wonky. Maybe you have PMT or are peri menopausal or are in full blown menopause. This blend is here to help restore the balance .

All Uniquely Blended products are free from synthetic fragrances, synthetic colouring, and Parabens. Where possible I will always use natural or organic ingredients too.


We will need to do a full consultation to find out about your medical history, lifestyle and why you would like to have a blend. If you are wishing to have a blend made for skincare then we will look at this as well. This is really important as it will allow me to understand how you would like your blend to support you.

Consultations normally take place within my treatment room, however during Covid-19 these are available via Zoom, Whats App, FaceTime, email or telephone.

There is no charge for the consultations, however I do kindly ask that all products are paid for at the time of ordering.

All Uniquely Blended aromatherapy products will be available 5- 7 days after you have had your consultation and placed your order.

Aromatherapy Shop. facial oil

Facial oils

Facial oils are blended for you using where possible natural and organic ingredients. Facial oils can be blended for both day or night time use. You may prefer to have the blend with out using any essential oils and this is absolutely fine.

10ml £10
30ml £22

Aromatherapy Shop. face cream

Facial Cream

Facial creams are blended for you using a deeply moisturising base cream to which both essential oils and base oils can be added to. Facial creams can be used for both day and night time use.

10ml £10
30ml £20

Aromatherapy Shop. Facial cleansing melt

Facial Cleansing Melt

This wonderful cleansing melt is blended and created to be used as both a daily cleanser and facial mask . The ingredients used will melt into the skin helping to lift away dirt and impurities, whilst nourishing and hydrating the skin when used for daily cleansing. the melt can also be used as a face mask allowing the skin to become smooth, nourished and hydrated.
The melt comes with its own muslin cloth.

50g Jar £20

Aromatherapy Shop. bath bubbles

Bath Bubbles

If you enjoy laying in a bath full of bubbles then why not have your favourite essential oils added to create that feeling of luxury.

Bath Bubbles
10ml £5
100ml £15
250ml £18.50

Signature Blends: Rest , Happy, Peace, Strength and Wellbeing
10ml £4
100ml £12.50
250ml £15

Aromatherapy Shop. bath salts

Bath Salts

Bath salts are made using therapeutic salts and a blend of base and essential oils. These are great to be used in the bath or even added to a foot bath to help those feelings of fatigue and tiredness fade away.

Bath Salts
200g £9

Signature Blends: Rest, Happy, Peace, Strength and Wellbeing
200g £7.50

Aromatherapy Shop. shower gel

Shower Gel

The shower gel is made from a paraben and SLS free base. Why not choose between an awakening blend to use at the beginning of the day or a relaxing blend to use after a busy day.

250ml £12.50

Aromatherapy Shop. Roller blends

Aromatherapy Roller Blends

Roller ball blends are made using a combination of both base and essential oils. They are the perfect size for carrying around with you so you are able to use your chosen blend on the go at the times when you need it the most.

Aromatherapy Roller Balls

Signature Blends: Rest, Happy, Peace, Strength, Wellbeing and Headache

Aroma Inhaler

The aroma inhaler provides you with your own uniquely blended inhalation. They are perfect for carrying around with you so you are able to use your chosen blend on the go.

Aroma Inhaler

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